Paradise Cove

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At the far end, the Peninsula overlooking the turquoise lagoon and offering a spectacular view on the northern islands has been totally rethought and creates the surprise. In the midst of coconut trees, bougainvillea, wood and thatch, the wooden deck and its’ various lounges to laze and tan contribute to that indoor-outdoor experience.

The colours are earthy, the feel is organic. The infinity pool almost overflows in the sea. The atmosphere is always trendy and sparkling with a friendly bar and a lunch and dinner restaurant it is undoubtedly a special place within a place!

Peninsula Restaurant.

Only a few strides from the shore and overlooking the lagoon, Peninsula restaurant is contemporary and trendy with a Mediterranean Cuisine.
Convivial atmosphere with warm colours: saffron, red and orange...

Just the two of you or with friends, the ideal place to be at lunch and dinner!

Peninsula Bar.

Also, only a few strides from the shore and overlooking the lagoon, within a sparkling and bubbling atmosphere the Peninsula Bar is waiting for you! At dusk, the sunset is breath taking. In the sky, a fascinating and unique mixture of colours, from pink and orange to many shades of mauve and indigo.

Soon the moon rises, its silver reflection on an almost still ocean announcing the end of the day and the ultimate magic moments of a tropical night.

Infinity Pool.

The line between pool and ocean is so fine it gives the impression that the pool simply merges into the ocean and by stretching the arm one could easily reach the water!

Fitted with a superb wooden deck and comfortable sunbeds it is the ideal place for suntan and relax. The view on the northern islands is spectacular.


The Love Nest.

Along the path leading to the Peninsula, between latania and palm trees, hidden from prying eyes... here are the love nests. A place to relax and unwind, lulled by the birdsong and the murmur of the waves.

Fill your lungs with fresh Indian Ocean air, enjoy the view and catch a glimpse of the northern islands. Nose up, look for the white tropicbird with its long tail wheeling in the sky... your secrets will be well kept!