Paradise Cove

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A Place made of Places.

Take me to a place

a place where I feel happy

a place where I feel alive

a place where I create memories


a place where I immediately reconnect

far from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life


a place that I share with my loved ones

a place of laughter and smiles

Place Four

The Rooms.

Exotic and timeless yet contemporary, the ideal cocoon to both daydream and sleep tight.

Place Five


Island’s specialities and tastes from elsewhere in enchanting environments. Savoury titbits and meals to share. 4 restaurants to choose from and delight your taste buds.

Place Eight

Stay Bar.

A new convivial, relax and revamped bar, a place to meet, to share a cocktail and a blissful moment.

Place Six

Beach & Cove.

Swaying of coconut trees, swimming pool, warm sand and comfortable lounge chairs… now is the time to relax and enjoy.

Place Three

The Tea Bar.

A thirst-quenching break sheltered from the sun... Help yourself to a choice of teas and refreshing drinks.

Place Two

The Garden.

In the midst of a luxuriant and colourful vegetation. A garden to meander and a cute booklet full of information.

Place One

The Love Nests.

Hidden between latania and palm trees, jealously keeping your secrets... Here are the love nests.

Place Nine

The Spa.

Tropical aroma, flower baths, hammam... With “Beauty Rituals of the World”, treat yourself to even an exotic and customized couple massage.
Place Seven


Trendy by the sea atmosphere, a breath-taking view from the infinity pool, the horizon stretching as far as the eye can see. The Peninsula is magic!